Adipurush Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Story, Budget, Predictions

Get to know the Adipurush Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Story, Budget, and Predictions from the necessary details shared in this article. A mega-budget film of South’s Director in releasing soon in the cinemas. However, the trailer is out for Adipurush, the viewers can watch it online over the internet!

Adipurush Release Date

Om Raut had tweeted a few days back for #AdipurushInAyodhya regarding the poster and official teaser of Adipurush. Many of his fans have retweeted with great excitement for the new film. The watchers will view Prabhas in a new role with Kriti Sanon. The movie will be going to be released in IMAX and 3D for viewers in the next year.


We have seen Prabhas in many movies of South and his famous Bollywood hit, “Saaho”. Mesmerized by his acting in “Bahubali” both the chapters, the directors and producers of Tollywood would like to cast the actor in their new films. And here the hero comes with all the new role, “Adipurush”.

As compared with the acting and roles that Prabhas performs in his films, you will be amazed to know that in his personal life, the actor is introvert in nature. Even in “KoffeewithKaran”, the Indian Talk show, he was answering the questions in a diplomatic way. Well, let’s come back to the topic, about his new film, Adipurush.

Adipurush Trailer

#AdipurushTeaser is out now! The interested viewers can watch it online on YouTube. This is a 1.46-minute teaser which will immerse you in the power of Ram and the evil powers of Raavan! Most people only know Raavan as evil but he was a devotee of Lord Shiva. He was fearless, powerful and ‘maha gyani’ during the Ramayana time. He wrote “Shiv Tandav Strotra” for Mahadeva Shiva which most Hindus recite in their prayers. But his evil consent had destroyed him completely! Considering the interests of the viewers and rewinding the life of Ram-Sita from the epics, Om Raut has made a film named Adipurush.

Adipurush Story

The Story is based on a Hindu mythological, Ramayana in which Ram searches for his wife Sita. He fights a battle against Raavan to bring Sita back to Ayodhya. The struggle and life of Ram-Sita is shown in the movie, Adipurush. You do not need to hear the full story, a famous tweet by T-series says it all!

T-seriesThe dialogue itself says that the movie will have impressive dialogues, scenes and visuals. The movie will be fun to watch for the people. On the other hand, the fans of the lead actors are excited to see them with new roles.




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Adipurush Cast and Crew

Fans are waiting eagerly to know the cast and crew of the film. They would want to see their favourite stars to perform in the movie. So, we have decided to share the details here.

  • Lead Actors: Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Devadutta Nage
  • Other Actors: Vatsal Sheth, Trupti Toradmal
  • Director: Om Raut
  • Producer: T-Series
  • Editors: Apurva Motiwale and Ashish Mhatre
  • Release Date: 12/01/2023
  • Distributor: AA Film
  • Language: Telugu, Hindi

Many people are talking about the return of Saif in the films. His recent movie, Vikram Vedha with Hrithik Roshan has quite an interesting story. And now, we will be watching the Nawab in the Tollywood film, Adipurush.

Actors  Roles in Adipurush
Prabhas Ram
Saif Ali Khan Raavan
Kriti Sanon Sita
Devadutta Nage Hanuman
Sunny Singh Laxman

Adipurush Budget

Adipurush is a mega-budget movie of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon. Prabhas’s earlier films were based on an epic and interesting scripts but this one is about the Indian King Ram who people also known as their “God”. The story is written by Om Raut (Director of the film) during COVID-19 as per the media reports. He has shared the script with Prabhas and the actor immediately agreed to play his role. Considering Prabhas’s physique, Kriti Senan was a perfect match for the role of Sita. The movie is created on the budget of rs 500 crores. It is estimated that it will be going to rock in the cinemas. It is expected that the movie will be released on 12th January 2023 but the teaser is already out as per the media sensations!


Adipurush Predictions

With the release of any new movie, people start to compare it with several phenomena. They begin to judge the script, actors, roles etc.  Most people are saying that the movie seems majorly like a Harry Potter series or a game like Temple Run. There are no demons in the army of Raavan, they seem more like the demons of Game of Thrones. The simplicity and calmness of Ram are missing from the movie. In addition, the makeup and skin tone of the supporting actors does not match the scenario. After all the drama on the internet, the fans of the actors will definitely watch the full movie and you might not know that it would be interesting to watch and worth your pocket! Yes, the rumours can be true but why don’t you go, watch it and then confirm the facts?

If you have any views about the movie after watching its teaser then do let us know. You can drop a comment here so that we can know your opinion as well.

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