2022 Land Records: Khatian Plot Map Check

Browse the website 2022 to check Land Records such as Khatian Plot Map Check and more. This is one of the effective steps that is taken by the Bengal Government to provide ease of being a land owner for a particular Bihar state citizen. To know more details on Banglarbhumi, read the entire article!

 বাংলারভূমি 2022

As mentioned in the heading, this website is for the people who want to authorise their land. Let us first tell you about how this concept began. Initially what happened was people used to visit the government office to authorize their land. This process used to consume a lot of their time. Many have to take a leave from their job and validate the land. Therefore, the Government started to take steps for the people. In one of the committee meetings, it has been decided by the concerned authorities that they must build a website for the welfare of the Bengala citizens. Later, the essential information was made to share by the people so that they can take benefit from the official portal. Some of the services that are provided by Banglarbhumi are listed below.

  • Digitization of Land records & Maps
  • Deed Registration Online.
  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Apply Online Mutation
  • Preparation, Updating & Maintenance of records.
  • Management of ISU

We have listed some of the basic services which the portal provides. You will use it after registering to the portal.


Banglarbhumi  (বাংলারভূমি) Portal Registration

The portal was created under the West Bengal Land Reforms Act of 1955. As per the data recorded, there are more than 5 lakh beneficiaries who have registered to the portal.  No problem if you are a new user, you can conveniently register to the portal by following the steps as discussed below. You have to first log into the website to register yourself if you are a new user.

  • Step-1 Just above the logo, you will see a “Sign Up” option
  • Step-2 Click on that link
  • Step-3 The public Registration Form” window will open


  • Step-4 You will see the screen as shown in the image above
  • Step-5 You have to enter the details as required such as name, email, mobile number district etc
  • Step-6 Enter the captcha code
  • Step-7 Now, click on the submit button

By following these steps, you will be successfully registered to the portal. Now, you can conveniently access the Banglarbhumi portal. Details which are found in the portal include the details about the name of the owner of the land, the area/size of the property, the plot number, the property value, and information about the current owner of the property, etc.

Benglarbhumi Benefits

  • A citizen will get a complete overview of  Khaitan and plot data
  • There will be no fraud cases because the selling and buying of the property will be done officially
  • There is a proper land record management system for the ease of West Bengal citizens
  • The entrepreneurs can easily plan and trade for their properties
  • The residents of the West Bengal state will not have to wait in queue or face a mess while registering their land

Banglarbhumi Log-in 

If you are a citizen of the Bengal state, you can log on to the Banglarbhumi website by following the steps below.

  • Step-1 Go to the Banglarbhumi’s official website
  • Step-2 Click on the “Sign-in” option that is available at the top of the pagesign-in
  • Step-3 You will now see the screen as shown in the image above
  • Step-4 Now, select citizens
  • Step-5 Enter your username and password that were generated at the time of the registration process
  • Step-6 Enter Captcha
  • Step-7 Click on the “Login” button

There is an option for “Forget Password”, if you do not remember it then you can reset your password using that option. Kindly note that we have shared the steps for the citizens only and not for the Banglarbnhumiu employees.

About RoR (Record of Rights)

Record of Rights (RoR) is the document kind of a record that maintains the list of properties and the data of land owners on the official website. All the Khatian plots are registered and the citizens can view the details of the land by their respective names. A person who own a land or property in West Bengal must have an RoR document to validate their ownership. You have to browse the official website. Then you have to enter your personal information and the land details to complete the RoR registration process.

Land Records: Khatian Plot Map Check

The main aim of the website is to provide a platform for the people of keeping a record of their land. This can include a plot, building or barren land. Kindly note that the scheme is for the people of the West Bengal state. There is a map feature which will help the citizens to understand the parameters of the land and another criterion. The new members have to log in or register to the website first. We have shared the essential information in this article for the ease of the citizens of West Bengal state. If you are not comfortable with the website then you can access the scheme from its mobile application. We have shared the necessary details in the below section.

How to Download Banglarbhumi App?

The West Bengal Government understand the flexibility that the citizens get from a mobile application. They can conveniently access it at any time and anywhere. We have discussed some of the steps that will be helpful for you to download the app.

  • Step-1  Go to the “Google Play Store” from your smartphone
  • Step-2 Move to the “Search” option
  • Step-3 Type “Banglarbhumi” there
  • Step-4 You have to install the official version of the app
  • Step-5 Now, login or signup as asked in the application
  • Step-6 Congratulations! You can now access the Banglarbhumi App

In this article, we have provided detailed information for Banglarbhumi, land ownership, signing and signup procedure etc. If you have any doubts then you can write on the email ID at: [email protected]

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