Chandigarh Video Leak: What is the Case, Latest Updates & Rumors

Find the complete details of the Chandigarh Video Leak: the Case, Latest Updates & Rumors and more from this article. An objectionable video of a woman who lives in Chandigarh University’s hostel was leaked yesterday. This is one of the major privacy concerns for which Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann has ordered an inquiry. It has been reported by Police that there were almost 60 students videos were leaked. Some have tried to commit suicide while some are admitted to the hospital due to anxiety.

Chandigarh Video Leak

This will be surprising and shocking for you to hear about the recent case in the Chandigarh University. A hosteller has leaked the objectionable video of girls which is not acceptable in any situation. This is a serious matter of safety and security of girls/women in India. Currently, there is an environment of protest and violence by the students at Chandigarh University. The nearby people and the police can only hear the voices of “We want justice” from the students.


Chandigarh Video Leak has created a tense atmosphere in different parts of the country. It is unbelievable to know what people do for some bucks in our country. A woman from the same hostel used to lead the videos of girls/women while they were taking showers. The reports discuss that the woman was sharing the videos with a man who lives in Shimla. This is extremely shameful to know that people are trading the privacy of girls now! How embarrassing it would be for someone who has been exposed to the public like this?

Chandigarh University Case

According to the Times of India news, the incident happened in Punjab’s Mohali on Saturday. A video of a woman who was shot in a girl’s washroom is leaked on social media. Since yesterday, there has been a protest reaction by NCW (National Commission for Women), the Police Chief and Punjab’s Chief Minister. This is not the first time that cybercrime has happened in India. The census has gone up to 18% from 2021 reporting cybercrime against women.

According to the Police, they have received the evidence for the woman only who was accused to shoot videos of other girls in the hostel. They did not find the video of any other girl as per the latest reports. But the students of Chandigarh University continued to protest on the night of 18th September 2022 and 19th September 2022. It is in news now that the college authorities and police have agreed.

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Check the Chandigarh Video Leak Latest Updates & Rumors

The latest information which we have gathered from the sources is that Rekha Sharma who is NCW chief has written an application to the Punjab Director of Police regarding the video leak. She wrote that strict action must be taken against the incident which has taken the peace and prosperity of women.

The recent rumours say that lady who used to create the videos with one of her friends and now both are arrested. They are taken in charge and are now being enquired about the misdeed that they had done. Police say that an FIR has been lodged and the inquiry has already been set up by the concerned authorities.

CM of Punjab says that the strict action will be taken against the guilty which has affected several women of India at once

Some news journalists are reporting that the college woman was doing her PG and was sharing her own videos with her boyfriend living in Rohru village of Shimla. The hostel girls caught her making videos and did not believe that she was not making any video of them. When it was reported to the Police, the woman’s boyfriend has been taken into custody under Section 354 C. No one knows the correctness of this rumour as of now. Moreover, the police is still inquiring about the case. In addition, Chandigarh University’s Chancellor said that we assure the safety and security of every student, especially the girl students as reported by the media.

Demands of Students after the Chandigarh Video Leak

Upon agreeing with the students, the college administration and police department were requested for some conditions by the students. It has been suggested by the college students that the entire girl’s hostel must be checked by the officials in case of cameras or other equipment, the doors of all the washrooms must be replaced as a safety concern, and the hostel warden shall be suspended for being into such a nuisance and more. After listening to the students, the protest was finally over around 1:30 am on 19th September 2022. The college authorities have said that the university will remain closed till 24th September 2022 so that the investigation can be done promptly.


By this incident at Chandigarh University, the people are questioning the police and the Government that aren’t we safe in our own country? Till when the women have to face embarrassing moments like this? Why girls/women are used for trading and earning money? The Government and Police of Punjab are in a sealed tongue to give responses to such unanswerable questions. The reports from the journalists say that these authorities are working to get the situation under control and to take unforgettable action against the culprits.

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