Electronics Mart India IPO GMP Today, Share Price, Lot Size, Allotment

Know the Electronics Mart India IPO GMP Today, Share Price, Lot Size, and Allotment from the necessary details shared here. Electronics Mart India is the topmost electronic brand in India which is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Established in 1980, the company is been selling electronic products at affordable prices for people across the country.

Electronics Mart India IPO GMP Today

The market for Electronics Mart India is predicted to begin on 4th October 2022.l The financers have already started working on the IPO part. They are continuously researching and finding the relevant date for IPO GMP. We will be sharing some of the essential details for you here so that you can invest properly in the required GMP.


As of today, the market share of Electronics Mart India is quite high. We believe that it is absolutely the right time for you to buy and trade the Electronics Mart India IPO shares. You might be aware that the brand is the 4th largest seller in the consumer electronics market in India. Thus, investing in such a reliable brand will be beneficial for you.

Electronics Mart India Overview

Electronics Mart India is one of the biggest brands of electronics and has a huge market in South India. The products and services are available throughout India. The customers will find the products in Kitchen, home automation and others to maintain a sustainable living. This is the oldest brand of electronics in India with overall 70+ associated brands and has approximately 105 stores. The consistent approach to the customers and timely delivery have increased the market share of the company after some years of establishment. Electronics Mart India own “Bajaj Electronics” which we all know is the largest supplier of electronics and electrical items.

IPO Opening and Closing Date 04/10/2022 – 07/10/2022
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Face Value Rs 10
IPO Price band Rs 56 to Rs 59
Shares 254 Shares
Find the Listing at BSE and NSE
Total Issue Size Rs. 500 Crores

In the table above, we have shared some of the crucial details regarding the Electronics Mart India IPO. These details will help you to an extent while investing in the shares. Since the subscription will begin from the next week, you must continuously keep a check on the latest information revealed in the financial news to invest correctly.

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Electronics Mart India Share Price

Share Price is the value of a company in a respective market. It goes up and down depending on the demand for the shares. An individual who is investing or purchasing a share must get the details of the stability of the company in which they are investing. You must keep a proper record of your finances because the market will not always be in your favour. Many times, the share price falls which eventually decreases your share value as well.

Financial Year Assets  Revenue Profit (after tax) Net Worth Borrowing (overall)
31/03/2019 1109.15 2826.1 77.1 340.5 377.06
31/03/2020 1347.6 3179.02 81.61 433.08 520.54
31/03/2021 1523.53 3207.37 58.62 491.92 547.95
31/03/2022 1824.74 4353.07 103.89 596.51 593.64
30/06/2022 1755.58 1410.25 40.66 637.97 475.91

Talking about the Share Price for Electronics Mart India, it is 500 crores presently. As per the recent reports, in June 2022, the company earned a net profit of Rs 40.66 crore and generated a revenue of Rs 1,410.25 crore. These values are not shocking because we all know the hard work and dedication of the employees working in the company. Thir hard work has made the company’s shares to reach such a higher level. For your notice, the subscription will begin next week from 04/10/2022 to 07/10/2022. This will be going to be a three-day share sale with a fixed price band of 56-59 from the total share amount.

Electronics Mart India Lot Size

We have been daily reading in the financial news about the investment in Electronics Mart India. It has been observed that there has been a consistent rise in the shares and the lot size. Many investors and shareholders are waiting for the subscription duration to invest their financial assets in Electronics Mart India IPO GMP.

Lot Size 1-13
1 IPO Lot worth  Approximately Rs. 14, 000
Share Price  56-59
Total Shares  254

As per the recent data recorded from the financial reports of Electronics Mart India, there are more than 250 shares available with 13 lots. Each lot will reach approximately Rs 14, 000. In our point of view, this is the best time to subscribe and take equity for the brand. Not every time do we get such an amazing offer in the IPO GMP market!

Electronics Mart India Allotment

We have already covered the vital information in this article, if you still have any doubts then you can contact the company with the following contact details or drop a comment for us here. We would appreciate your opinion on Electronics Mart India IPO GMP.

If you are eager to know the results of your investment then we would like to tell you that you have to wait till the 2nd or 3rd week of October 2022 for the final allotment. After the shares are purchased, there will be finalisation. To be exact, you will receive the entire information by 14th October 2022. The allotment will begin on 12th October 2022 and will end in three consecutive days.

Contact Number: 040-23230244

Email Address: [email protected]


Q.1. When Can I Subscribe to Electronics Mart India IPO GMP?

Ans.1. The subscription will begin from 4th to 7th October 2022. To be specific, the day will be Tuesday for the first week of October 2022.

Q.2. What is the Price for Electronics Mart India IPO?

Ans.2. The price has already been fixed for Electronics Mart India IPO which is Rs 56 to 59 per share.

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