Haryana Voter List 2022 District Wise Voter List PDF Download

View the Haryana Voter List 2022 District Wise and Download Voter List PDF from the necessary details provided here. If you are residing in the Haryana district and want to know the voter’s list for the present year then you must read the entire article.

Haryana Voter List 2022

There are overall 1,82,98,714 voters in Haryana and 19,425 polling stations as recorded in a survey of 2019. Thus, the election process goes smoothly for the right candidate who can plan in a better way for the welfare of the Haryana residents. Considering the Wikipedia source, there are 5 Rajya Sabha and 10 Lok Sabha members elected as members of Parliament. Currently, in this article, we will be discussing in detail for the Haryana Voter List and related aspects!


A voter list is a detailed record of every person who is registered and eligible to vote. The voter list also includes relevant information used to identify voters and assign them to a specific electoral district and polling station. A voter list is prepared by the officials of the Government to record the data about the total number of voters, total adults, older and citizens who will be giving the vote, etc. On the basis of this data, it is decided that who will be going to be selected for the elections in the state. The name of the person in the voter list can be checked on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana. We have covered the essential details such as to check the voter list as per the name and the ways to download the voter list in the upcoming sections.

Haryana District Wise Voter List

Earlier, the Haryana District Wise Voter List was offline. The citizens have to report to the nearest Government office to register themselves and to confirm their name in the list. This was time-consuming and it was becoming difficult for the Government officials to maintain the offline records. The online voter list has helped both the Government and the citizens of the Haryana state. The benefits of a Haryana voter list are as follows.

  • Haryana residents will get the entire information when they will cast a vote
  • Every year or at the time of new elections, this list will be updated by the Government officials
  • Every citizen will be able to download the PDF of the voter list
  • Aim to make this list online i that the citizens of the state will be able to see their names while sitting at home. They will not need to visit the voter’s office to check the list
  • The best part of the voter list i that it can also be used on behalf of the voter ID card

These were some of the benefits of the voter’s list. If you do not find your name on the list, then you can apply/register for voting from the official website.

How to Check the Name on the Haryana Voter List 2022?

We have been continuously receiving queries from the voters of Haryana regarding checking their names on the voter list. We hope that the below-listed steps would be helpful for you.

  • Step-1 Go to the official website of the Haryana Voter List
  • Step-2 You will see the menu on the left-hand side of the main portal
  • Step-3 Click on “Voter Corner”
  • Step-4 Now, click on “Check Your Name in Voter List”


  • Step-5 You will see the page as shown in the image above
  • Step-6 You can select any of the two options; by details or by voter ID
  • Step-7 Now, enter district name, assembly constituency name, name, age, etc.
  • Step-8 Click on the “Search” button
  • Step-9 You can press the “Clear” button if you have selected any wrong detail
  • Step-10 The results for the voter’s list will be shown on the screen according to your name

You have to follow this procedure after you have registered for the voting. Please note that being an active citizen of the nation, every youth who are eligible for voting must register themselves. The future in your hands, if you will not be sincere towards your duties, it will hamper the entire nation!

Voter List PDF Download

The individuals who have registered for the voter’s list can download the PDF of it from the official website. You can either go to the nearest Government office or get your voter ID card online from the leading portal. You have to select your district, gramma panchayat, polling station, etc to get the PDF of the voter’s list.  We would suggest you to not to refer nay other website for this purpose. You have to share the details only on the main website which is ceoharyana.ic.in

How to Download Haryana Voter List 2022?

There is no need to get confused about the ways to get the voter’s list from the leading portal. We have shared the steps below that will properly guide you for your query.

  • Step-1 Go to the official website of the Haryana Voter List
  • Step-2 You will see the menu on the left-hand side of the main portal
  • Step-3 Click on “Voter Corner”
  • Step-4 Now, click on “Haryana Voter List 2022 PDF Download”


  • Step-5 You will see the screen as shown in the image above
  • Step-6 Now, select your details such as district, polling station, section number etc
  • Step-7 Click on “Get Roll”
  • Step-8 The PDF list will open
  • Step-9 You can download or save this list for your use

So, these were some of the steps which will help a citizen of Haryana to Download the Haryana Voter List 2022. If you still have any queries then you can leave a comment for us here. We will consider each of your queries and will try to help you out!

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