MX Player for PC Download – Windows 11, 10, 7 Installation File

Download MX Player for PC for Windows versions 11, 10, and 7, and get the Installation File from the details provided here. Not only for PC but MX Player is also available for MAC and Android phones. MX Player is used worldwide by adults, teenagers, businesses etc for watching and listening to high-definition digital media. In this article, we will be discussing about MX Player and the steps to download it in Windows versions 11, 10, and 7.

MX Player for PC Download

The most popular digital media of today is “videos”. Several people like to watch videos for education, entertainment and different purposes. MX Player has been launched in 2011 for individuals who want to watch their favourite videos. It currently has 280 million users on the global level. They have to download the MX Player for the different versions of Microsoft in their computer system to play and watch their likeable videos.


MX Player can be best used on PC, Windows, and Desktop Devices. In all of these, MX Player for PC is the most common. It has a commendable user interface and better compatibility with the media files on your personal computer. Note that MX Player for PC is free to download from the internet. Therefore, you must visit the official website for this purpose. Some other websites might spam your details and charge you some amount.

MX Player – Brief Introduction

In India, there are more than 50 million active users of MX Player. This application can be run with the use of an Android emulator. It helps the users to watch and play videos of all formats. Not only the users can watch the videos but the web series by MX Player, songs, can watch exclusive TV shows and can also play games available on the software. Just like any other music app, you can access MX Player for creating your playlist, listening to your favourite music, watching videos and more. This can be your daily dose of entertainment once it is installed on your PC with Windows 11, 10, and 7 versions. Some of the people who are associated with a business also use this software application. They use it to convert media files into an understandable format. One of the major reasons is that MX Player is safe from malware attacks as it is maintained regularly by the Google Play Store.

MX Player Overview
Software Application Name MX Player
Global Users more than 50 million
Can be used for web series, songs, TV shows, watching videos, creating playlists and more
Maintained by Google Play Store
Can be Accessed by Adults, Teenagers, Businesses and other users
Features A good user interface, provides high-quality images & videos, zooming options available, compatible with all media formats, toggle playback speed, easy to download and install
Emulator BlueStacks
Official Website

MX Player Download for Windows 11, 10, 7

Windows 11, 10, and 7 are the most popular versions of Windows which are accessed by users worldwide. People access a wide range of software, games, websites and media files in these Windows versions. Every version has some or the other advantage for the users. Some of these help in downloading a large media file or some support the working of the different software applications. In addition, the Windows versions are designed for various purposes such as software development, animations, content management, business, education and more.


If you are one of those individuals who have windows 11,10 or 7 and are might facing trouble in downloading the MX Player, can find a solution here. We are talking about the BlueStacks software application which can be used to download media and gaming files.

You have to download BlueStacks for downloading and installing the MX Player software on your PC. BlueStacks is one of the best gaming platforms for PC and MAC which allows the users to access any type of media file on their computer. Over 6 billion games have already been played on this platform. In 2021, BlueStacks X (Beta) version was launched based on the Hybrid Cloud technology to help mobile users in playing the games.

Steps for Downloading MX Player for Windows 11, 10, 7

Some people find it difficult for the media files to access in their system. It might be because the system is not compatible with the downloaded file or they do not have the necessary software like MX Player. For your ease, we have discussed the steps to get MX Player on your Windows 11, 10, and 7 versions.

  • Step-1 First of all, you have to download BlueStacks 5 (BlueStacks version 5) and install it
  • Step-2 Now, open the application
  • Step-3 You have to sign in using your Microsoft account
  • Step-4 Now, go to the play store
  • Step-5 Download and install MX Player (according to the bit size; 32 or 64 bit, etc)
  • Step-6 With the help of BlueStacks, you will be able to access MX Player

By following this step-by-step procedure, the users will be able to download the MX player to their computer systems conveniently. Note that these steps will be helpful for users who have Windows 11, 10, and 7-based computer systems.

MX Player Features

When you will install MX Player on your PC, you will experience the following features from it.

  1. Offers better picture, audio, and video quality
  2. It supports HD files
  3. It can convert any file type to the usable format
  4. Have a user-friendly and impressive user interface
  5. Supports different movie formats such as amv, mp4, etc.
  6. A user can anytime switch to the audio track
  7. It gives better hi10p support and has the best picture-in-picture mode
  8. Toggle playback speed mode is available
  9. Zooming options available
  10. Can be easily integrated with social media networks

If you were unknown to these features of MX Player, you can now experience these. With the details provided in this article, any user can download and access MX Player on their system without the need for technical knowledge.

MX Player Installation File

An Installation File of MX Player is a (.exe) file which is basically a configuration which the users need to download and install in their computer system. This is also known as the APK file which supports the working of the software on the PC. It is very easy to install the MX Player file on your PC. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Step-1 The foremost part is to download the .exe file
  • Step-2 On a search engine, type your PC version and MX Player download
  • Step-3 You have to go to the Official Website of MX Player
  • Step-4 You will find a link or button on the main website
  • Step-5 Click on that link
  • Step-6 The downloading will begin
  • Step-7 The computer will ask you to run the file
  • Step-8 Click on “Run”
  • Step-9 Now, click on Finish
  • Step-10 MX Player will be successfully installed in your computer system

These were some of the quick and easy steps to download MX Player in your device. If in case, your file does not work then don’t worry this might be because you have downloaded the wrong version or the space on your computer is less. Generally, the software generates a notification for the error. You can read the error and accordingly download the MX Player again.

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