SBI NavaKal Login, Online Portal Link, Services, Account Details

SBI, the State Bank of India, is a Government-affiliated bank that provides numerous services to its potential customers. In addition, the SBI NavaKal branch is accredited by the Reserve bank of India (RBI). Therefore, the payment processing system and the response time of the website is faster. If a customer has a doubt about security, we would like to tell you that SBI NavaKal follows every security measure to authenticate and authorize the data. You can find out more relevant details in this article.  

SBI NavaKal Login

For the convenience and security of the SBI customers, the bank has applied a login procedure on their official website. This confirms that only valid individuals are accessing the website, not intruders. There is a separate client service department which will help the customers with their each and every query. Now, you don’t have to consult different departments for your respective banking concern. The customers can access the portal on a real-time basis. All information is safe and secure as per the authentication techniques installed in the SBI portal. 

Advantages of SBI NavaKal

  • Manual processes are difficult to handle. It involves a lot of attention and focus on the mandatory details of the banking customer. NavaKal allows paperless work for the transactions. 
  • Since the processes are automated, the employees have to simply enter the details, which are all saved in the database. 
  • It is now easy to track challans, GAD statements and the settlement of funds with the Reserve Bank of India. 
  • Fund reconciliation with PAOs is also done here. 
  • All the payments and the SBI NavaKal process are handled under the supervision of the Assistant General Manager of SBI. 

SBI NavaKal Online Portal Link

The online portal of SBI was started with an aim to provide e-payments or the facility for online transactions to the customers. The SBI Cash Management Portal (NavaKal) will take care of the credit and debit transactions without any hassle. The services of SBI NavaKal were started to handle the payment details from the Government accounts. The types of payments which are covered here are 

  • Salary payments
  • Vendor payments
  • Miscellaneous payments

There will be no manual intervention in the case of the online portal. It will be completely paperless, secure and faster than the offline processes. If a customer finds any difficulty, he/she can contact the SBI authorities. We have provided a direct link to access the SBI NavaKal portal at the end of this article. 


SBI NavaKal Services

In this section, we will be discussing about the services which will be undertaken by the SBI officials. 

  • The decryption of digitally signed encrypted files in real-time
  • SBI NavaKal offers various payment methods to the customers, such as RTGS/NEFT, NECS, Direct Credit, ECS and the group payment system. Note that this will be for the beneficiary account. 
  • File-wise, MIS is generated to take a note of the RBI and the other payments made by a customer. 
  • A bulk paper instrument is issued in the case when e-mode is not available. Earlier it was challenging to handle a lot of paperwork. The query of the customers and the work done by the banking employees was simply a mess. But with SBI NavaKal, everything has become easier and faster. 
  • E-scroll has been started to keep a record of all the transactions. Different changes can be made in this format according to the requirements of various ministries. The best part is the e-scroll can be updated online depending on ‘n’ number of transactions. 

The above-listed points broadly discuss the SBI NavaKal services for not only the customers but for every individual who is associated with the SBI Bank. 

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SBI NavaKal Account Details

Since everything is made online by SBI officials, keeping track of all the transactions has become essential. 

All the payment details are uploaded on the secure website (e-lekha site) in an encrypted mode which banking officials can only access. These officials must first validate their digital signatures to decrypt the payment files. For PAOs, the e-scrolls are generated and uploaded on e-lekha site in the encrypted format. 

We can understand that initially, it becomes difficult to trust the online processes as, earlier, everything was offline. But the Government has changed their rules and is continuously trying to provide ease to the SBI customers. SBI NavaKal is a small step which RBI has taken, and there will be more steps to cover in this journey! 

We have clearly discussed the authentication of SBI NavaKal. The Account Details are kept safe with the bank under the settlement of RBI. Thus, the customers can securely log in and access the SBI website conveniently! 

How to Perform Login for SBI NavaKal?

It is effortless for the individuals to log in to the SBI portal. We have discussed some of the steps here, which will enlighten you to complete the login process. 

  • Step-1 Go to the official website of SBI NavaKal:
  • Step-2 Click on “Login to Payment Portal” 
  • Step-3 Enter your username and a secure password 
  • Step-4 Enter the verification code in the box given these
  • Step-5 Now, click on the “login” button 
  • Step-6 You can also use the virtual keyboard for entering the details as provided on the website
  • Step-7 Now, you are on the main page of SBI NavaKal
  • Step-8 You can access the payments, transaction history and more details from here

These were some of the easy steps to complete the login procedure of SBI NavaKal. You must save your username and password and must frequently change it in every 3 months to safeguard your details from the malicious activities. 

This article has covered the necessary details about SBI NavaKal Login, Online Portal Link, Services, and more. However, if you still find any trouble with NavaKal Login or to search for any details, then you can contact the SBI service providers at 040-23466567 or write to them at [email protected]. These are the valid details which we have taken from the official website of SBI. The customers can also visit the main website as the direct link is provided here. 

Official Website

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