Vaccine Certificate Verification – Direct Link, Process & Documents

Get the Direct Link, Process & Documents for Vaccine Certificate Verification from the essential details shared here. An individual has to follow a step-by-step procedure

Vaccine Certificate Verification

The COVID-19 Pandemic was not great news for the people as it has affected the individuals in the country and the world. Began in the year 2019, the pandemic still has its essence around the corners. At most locations, people are continuously following the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. But we say that “Time and Tide wait for none” and the pandemic was a Tide which ended really badly for the countrymen. Many lost their close ones and experienced a huge loss in finances.


Considering the pertaining health issues, the Government of India started the vaccination for the ease of the citizens. Covaxin and Covidshield are the two vaccines that had two doses each. After getting both doses, people downloaded the vaccination certification. Several people have found mistakes and errors in their certificates. Some had the issue of wrong vaccination dates, others with wrong doses and others with their personal details. In this article, you will find the details for vaccine certificate verification and the steps to verify it.

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About Vaccine Certificate 

The mass vaccination programme for all citizens has helped people to get relief from the pandemic. But the vaccine was not 100% successful. Many people still suffered from COVID-19. As far as the recovery rate is concerned, the vaccine literally did not affect the health of some of the people but has helped many individuals as a safeguard against the coronavirus. It has been in reports that the vaccine is 85% successful in individuals.

Those individuals who have taken both the doses of the vaccine have to download their vaccine certificate. The Vaccine Certificate consists of a QR code which is unique for every individual in the country. This helps to avoid fake certificates which most people are creating. Those who need the certificate have to use the details such as their Mobile Number, Aadhar Card, Name, etc. They have to visit the official website or register on the Arogyasetu app for this purpose.

Vaccine Certificate Verification Direct Link

If you are confused about where you should verify your vaccine certificate then we would like to tell you that you can either visit a nearby Vaccination Centre or get it online from the Arogya Setu app. You have to download and take a print of the vaccination certificate. It is because the certificate is useful when you go out of town or when you have to create a Universal Travel Pass to travel in India.

Kindly note that the vaccination and the certificate issue process is free of cost in the Government hospitals whereas you will be charged some amount if you will get the vaccination done in a private hospital. The private hospital authorities might take charge of giving you the vaccine certificate as well.

Many people do not have a vaccination certificate which is really not acceptable. Being an active citizen of the country, you must have a COVID Vaccine Certificate (CVC). This certificate is issued by the Government and consists of essential information such as the individual’s name, total doses, types of vaccination, etc. This proves that a person is completely vaccinated and permitted to visit any place. Most offices, schools and other functional areas do not allow a person to enter the premises without a vaccine certificate. You will get a direct link to download the certificate from the CoWIN website. You have to enter your registered mobile number to get it.

Vaccine Certificate Verification Process & Documents

For the online vaccine certificate verification process, there are basically two processes. First is to visit the CoWIN Website, Umang and Aarogya Setu App. The second is to navigate third-party apps such as Digi-Locker App. Follow the steps for the CoWIN website. We have discussed the steps which are used for the verification process in the upcoming section. You can verify your vaccination certificate using those steps.

Some of the Government approved documents that an individual will need are –

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Health Insurance Smart Card (issued by the Ministry of Labour)
  • MGNREGA Job Card
  • Official Identity Cards
  • PAN Card

You can select any one or two from these when you have to verify the vaccine certificate. We would suggest that you visit the CoWIN website to confirm the essential documents.

How to Perform Vaccine Certificate Verification?

Follow the procedure as discussed below to get the verification completed.

Step-1 Browse the official website of CoWIN

Step-2 Click on the “Verify Certificate” option

Step-3 You will be redirected to a new web page

Step-4 Here, you will find various options to verify the COVID-19 vaccine certificate

Step-5 Click on “Scan QR code” to check the certificate

Step-6 This will give you all the essential details for your certificate

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Certificate ID
  • Beneficiary ID
  • Vaccine Name
  • Date of Dose

Step-7 A green tick will come on the certificate representing that your vaccination certification is verified

Step-8 In case, there is a mistake in the certificate then an error will be displayed

Step-9 There is a demo video on which you can click to know the entire process of verification

So, these were the steps that an individual can use for the verification of their Vaccine Certificate. Kindly note that you have to navigate to the official website only to verify the certificate. Do not be a part of spam or fake certificate by entering your personal details on any other website. The official website keeps your browsing data safe and secure.

Covid-19 HelpDesk India

In this article, we have covered up the required information for the verification of the vaccination certificate and other details. If you still require any help then you can connect with the COVID-19 officials. We have framed the contact information below.

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